Using Blogs as a Photographer

One of the first ideas I had about getting a website dedicated to me and my portfolio was using blogs. I hear about many photographers using blogs to showcase their work and this actually sounds like a great idea.
The great thing about blogs is that they are mostly free, they are very easy to create and maintain, because of the nature of them they are very good in terms of search engine optimisation, many allow customisation and the opportunity to use your own domain name and also they are a good way to keep your work in chronological order which is nice for the people who follow your work.

I'm a blog user myself, I have this web development blog on the go and I also have a wordpress which is used for university work:

My experience with wordpress has been very good in all honesty. But I don't feel its the best way to showcase yourself or your portfolio, sure they are a great addition to your online presence, and when they go along side a main site they are fantastic!
The main problems I have with using blogs as a main site are:
They are just too busy, wordy and confusing. Blogs have a certain layout which makes them very wordy, after all they are mainly for people to share their thoughts or information about themselves, they aren't directly aimed at photographers and so aren't optimised for us either! Lets face it, if youre looking up a photographer, you want to see the images! You probably wont even read the text, especially if there is more than a couple of lines..

I think Blogs are a brilliant tool, when put along side with a main site a blog can be a great thing to have in your web presence arsenal. I Strongly advise you get yourself one.