Another of the big players in website creation is Weebly.com. I'd only recently found out about Weebly and it seems pretty simple to the Wix one I'd previosuly looked at in that its all user friendly drag and drop design. I signed myself up for a free account and started to play around with it.
At first Weebly feels a lot like a blog, I had a look through the huge number of free templates they had to offer and found one which I liked and then began to customise it to my own tastes. For those of you that are interested in code, or know a little already, I've got good news.. Weebly allows you to play with the HTML and the CSS till your hearts content, you can even steal the lot and use it as a template to build your own website on a program like Adobe Dreamweaver (which I hear some crafty webdesigners do to ensure stable foundations for their websites).
Weebly is all HTML5 which means it's very compatible with mobile devices without the need to create an entirely separate mobile site which is kind of nice. Not only this, but it means is pretty darn fast too which is something that is always sought after!

I didn't find Weebly the most intuitive however. It is of course very easy to design, but there were moments where I just couldn't work out how to do something and had to search the internet for an answer (this is embarrassing, I know. It's probably my fault as I didn't look at, listen to or read a single word of the tutorial or tips offerd). Bear in mind that I also walked into the Wix website creator without a clue and didn't find myself confused once!
Another bad thing about Weebly is that it just doesn't feel like it's aimed at people like me who just want to display a load of images in a porftolio gallery with minimal information. It's begging for text and this makes the images look quite awkward on the site. It's just too blog-like in my opinion. Of course you could change all this by playing around I'm sure, but its just not as quick, easy or obvious as some of its competitors.

A great upside though is that the advertising is pretty descrete, it's not too in your face at all which straight away makes it look much more professional.