Cargo Collective

Cargo Collective is probably the one which deviates most. is infact an invite only website builder which I was lucky enough to get my hands on thanks to a mate at university, I think the reason for this is to keep it quite exclusive to artists and designers and also as an attempt to keep the relevance and the body of work at a very high standard. Cargo is by far the most simple I've looked at, and its not pushing you for your hard earned cash at all which makes a nice change.
Another thing is that it's not another drag and drop editor. The way you design it (or the way I chose to design mine) is to select a template, of which there aren't thousands yet, but keep in mind this is very new. Then you input your own work with posts like you would a blog, however its not laid out like a blog at all, unless you want it to be!

You can edit the CSS which is nice if youre familliar with this already and the entire thing has the potential to look extremely clean, maybe even too clean. You might want to jazz it up with fancy graphics to grab your audience a bit more!

The advertising is almost non-existant appart from a tiny link at the bottom which says "Cargo", the URL and Favicon which is a little black lightning bolt (which is the Cargo logo strangely enough). The URL I got was which is quite tidy as it is but if you want rid you can "upgrade" to a paid account, this also enables you to add HTML to the site and also allows for more storage and badnwidth.

I think cargo is really quite nice and understated, however it just lacks that visual knock-out impact upon your audience. It's just too simple, and I suspect it will remain that way unless you pay to play with your own HTML (which isn't too easy to do anyway) because of these reasons, I could never use this as a main site where I'd direct client's.