The Results!

So far, I've looked at Flickr, Blogs(Wordpress), Wix, Weebly, Moon Fruit and Cargo Collective.

Best Aesthetic Potential: Wix
Least Money Grabbing: Cargo Collective & Weebly
Easiest to Design: Cargo Collective
Best Professional Feel: Wix
Best Community: Flickr
For Coders: Weebly
Best Archive: Wordpress
One to Keep an Eye on: Moon Fruit

So it's pretty hard to advise you on which to pick for yourself. Thats most certainly up to you and your own personal tastes! But for me its got to be Wix, its the one which looks the best, and at the end of the day thats what I'm after.
The main problem with Wix is the advertising, but if I were to use this as a full time professional website for my potential and existing clients I would probably pay for one of their packages (which compete with webhosting companies anyway!) which would get rid of all the down sides and make Wix simply the best of all worlds. Wix is also the site builder which I did the most work on and here is the URL to my free Wix website: